Finding the Right Autographed Golf Ball Display Case

While golf balls are small and covered in dimples, many collectors still insist on getting them signed. While they cannot be acquainted with an autographed basketball, football or even baseball simply because of size, their size or lack thereof gives collectors an advantage when storing signed balls. Taking up very little room, collectors have a ... Read More

2014 Ryder Cup Memorabilia Runs the Gamut

If you can’t make it to Scotland for the matches, you can get into the spirit with 2014 Ryder Cup memorabilia.  Once again, everything from autographed flags to head covers, shirts and programs is out there in the marketplace and luckily, you don’t have to hop on a jet to buy it. eBay is teeming ... Read More

Rory McIlroy Trading Cards Heating Up

He’s now the third youngest player to own four major golf championships and Rory McIlroy trading cards are catching fire.  For the uninitiated, there are golf rookie cards, thanks to Upper Deck and a special insert that might be familiar to Tiger Woods fans. His first appearance on a U.S. trading card wasn’t really distributed ... Read More

Sam Snead Memorabilia Collection, Part 2, Set for Auction

The second part of an auction of Sam Snead memorabilia is underway with the legendary player’s 1949 Masters Championship Trophy, estimated to bring $100,000+, and his 1951 Ryder Cup Captain’s Trophy, which may sell for $50,000+, up for grabs in a sale that ends December 6-7. In August, the first part of Snead’s collection sold ... Read More

Toughest Masters Champion Autographs

What’s the toughest golf autograph to obtain for your Masters champion collection?  Tiger Woods?  Jack Nicklaus?  Arnold Palmer? Nope.  Try Claude Harmon and Craig Wood.  Those two are  the toughest Masters champions to obtain. Why? Well that’s a long story. Craig Wood won the U.S. Open and Masters in 1941 but he soon realized he ... Read More

Vintage Golf Memorabilia in Spotlight as Sam Snead Auction Brings $1.1 Million

Vintage golf memorabilia from one of the sport’s true legends was in the spotlight at the recent Platinum Night Sports Auction.  The Sam Snead Collection, consigned to auction by the son of the Hall of Fame player, sold for more than $1.1 million, highlighted by his 1946 British Open Claret Jug which sold for a ... Read More

Golf Memorabilia: How to Display It

Collecting golf memorabilia can be fun and with the internet, fairly easy. There are several different ways to display various pieces of golf memorabilia. Trading Cards Cards are smaller items and while they may not make for the best displays, there are ways you can make them easy for viewing. The most common way to ... Read More

Collecting Masters Golf Memorabilia

The Masters is the most famous and prestigious golf tournament in the United States, or even the world. For this reason, items from Masters tournaments past and present are widely collected and desired by fans. Here are a few of the most popular types of Masters golf memorabilia that can be easily collected. Programs – ... Read More

Five Cool Vintage Golf Card Collectibles

Today you can find a large variety of golf sets that are produced each year. But it wasn’t always that way. Golf cards used to be scarce and not widely collected. There weren’t very many steady brands that produced sets of golf cards year after year. Still, even though variety wasn’t widespread in older cards, ... Read More

Tiger Woods Memorabilia: Good Time to Buy?

Is 2012 the right time to get back on the Tiger collectible bandwagon?  Autograph prices have been down since his marital issues surfaced a couple of years ago and the same goes for his rookie cards (2001 Upper Deck) since he hasn’t been winning.  They made a slight move recently, but for many collectors, especially ... Read More

Golf Photos: A Collector’s Guide

Several different golf photographs are available to collectors. Here are a few things to consider: Size Several different sizes of photographs are available. While there are virtually an unlimited number of sizes one can collect, there are a few standard sizes. The most common sizes of golf photos are 8X10, 11X14, or 16X20. These are ... Read More

Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones Memorabilia Attract Collectors

Bobby Jones’ golf medals and Walter Hagen’s 1925 PGA Championship were among many legendary collectibles at Heritage’s Vintage Sports Signature Auction on November 11th this year.A stunning collection of rare and historic golf memorabilia, much of if hailing from the Philadelphia Private Golf Collection, garnered high bids along with other memorabilia, totaling $5.3 million. The ... Read More

Hickory Golf U.S. Open Underway

French Lick Resort is transported back to the golden age of golf this week as the historic resort destination in southern Indiana hosts the largest field ever for the U.S. Hickory Open Championship.  The U.S. Hickory Open, which is run by the Society of Hickory Golfers, will be held on the resort’s historic Donald Ross ... Read More

New Golf Sculpture Series Starts With Nicklaus

The first in a series of limited-edition, life-cast bronze hand sculptures of golf’s living legends teeing up a golf ball has hit the market.  Artist Jack Kimmich of JHK and Company is introducing the series, which launches with World Golf Hall of Fame member Jack Nicklaus. Licensed by the PGA TOUR and the World Golf ... Read More

Bobby Jones and Augusta National

Bobby Jones was regarded as the greatest golfer of his era and for many years, was held in regard as the game’s greatest player of all time. He may have been surpassed by Jack Nicklaus in the eyes of many fans, but there’s no disputing that Jones’ career ranks up there among the best. His ... Read More

Golf Wallpaper: Ideas for Your Space

Quick, what’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words ‘golf wallpaper?’ In this computer age, you probably are thinking of electronic wallpaper, as in the kind you use for a laptop or desktop computer background. But there is indeed golf wallpaper available for a special room in your house. You may ... Read More

Get Tickets to This Year’s Masters on eBay: How to Find a Deal

Looking to get to the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National this year? There are lots of ways to get there including buying tickets from a scalper, working with a ticket broker company, or answering a classified ad. But online auctions such as eBay may be your best bet for a variety of reasons. Availability ... Read More

Hickory Golf: What You Need to Know

Hickory golf is an older or retro type of golf that is still played today using older equipment.  There are even hickory golf courses you can play on! There are two main types of hickory golf – pre-1900 and pre-1935. Pre-1900 hickory golf involves using an older style gutta-percha golf ball that doesn’t travel as ... Read More

Antique Golf Balls: A Collector’s Primer

There are several types of golf balls that were around long before the standard ball we use today. Collectors can look for any number of antique golf balls such as the following: Wooden Balls – The very first golf balls were, like the clubs players used, made of wood. Not much information is known about ... Read More

Byron Nelson: Gentleman Golfer’s Lasting Legacy

When you think of “gentleman golfers” in the modern era, Byron Nelson might be the first player to come to mind.  A 2006 Houston Chronicle article written immediately after his death may have summed up Nelson best: “Before he would tee off, he would always ask what the course record was and who owned it,” ... Read More

Five Golf Autographs Worth Owning

If you’re a collector or would like to build a small, but important collection of golf autographs, here are five players who would be considered must-haves. Tiger Woods – When it comes to collecting golf autographs, it all starts with Tiger. Widely respected as the best player in the game today, he may be the ... Read More

Golf Auctions

Several online auction websites had some extraordinary golf auctions featuring a wide range of memorabilia sold on their sites over the past few months. The Golf Auction ( recently had approximately 350 golf-related items sold in its Fall auction, which ended in November 2010. As always, there were several interesting pieces, but one thing that ... Read More

Golf Memorabilia: What to Collect

Fans can collect a wide variety of golf memorabilia and as the sport has become more popular, more items have become desired. Trading cards– Golf trading cards, while issued previously, didn’t start becoming really popular until the 1990s with the printing of Pro Set brand cards. Since then, others gotten on the bandwagon. Upper Deck ... Read More

Golf Memorabilia and How to Display It

Collecting golf memorabilia can be fun and with the internet, fairly easy. There are several different ways to display golf memorabilia . Knowing what you’ve got and what you need is the key to having a collection worthy of showing off or just enjoying. Trading Cards Cards are smaller items and while they may not ... Read More

2011 PGA Tour Breakout Candidates

The 2011 PGA Tour will include the usual stars such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. But who else is a candidate to have a career year and win some tournaments? Lee Westwood – Putting Westwood on this list may sound like sheer idiocy. He is, after all, the world’s number one ranked player. But ... Read More

PGA Tour Milestones That Could Happen in 2011

There are several significant milestones that can be reached in the PGA tour in 2011. Tiger Woods’ 74th PGA Victory – Tiger currently stands at 71 PGA tour victories, good for third place of all-time. Two more wins would give him 73 on his career, tying him with the legendary Jack Nicklaus, and three victories ... Read More

2011 PGA Tour: What to Expect

The 2011 PGA Tour is underway with more than 45 tournaments and $300,000,000 in prize money up for grabs this year. There are a few storylines to most golf fans will be following this season – the biggest of which is about Tiger Woods. Woods had his worst season as a professional in 2010. Fresh ... Read More

Tiger Slam Clubs Sell for $57,242

The controversial set of irons said to be used by Tiger Woods during his “Tiger Slam” in 2000 and 2001, have sold at auction. Green Jacket Auctions’ listing closed Saturday night with a winning bid of $57,242.  The price includes the company’s buyer’s premium. Longtime Titlest Vice President Steve Mata caused quite a big stir ... Read More

Scotty Cameron Putters Get Publicity Money Can’t Buy

Sometimes rejection can be a good thing.  Tiger Woods, who won 13 of his 14 major championships using a Scotty Cameron putter, suddenly ditched his old friend for the British Open.  The result was a disaster. He didn’t practice much with his Nike prototype and and the results were about what you might expect, especially ... Read More

CBS’ Rush Spoils Bubba Watson’s Moment

He’s had success on the PGA Tour, but Bubba Watson isn’t yet a household name.  His story, though, is an interesting one.  Unfortunately, Watson’s first PGA Tour win–in dramatic fashion, no less–was botched by CBS’ rush to dump out of the coverage. By sinking a short putt, Watson beat Scott Verplank and Corey Pavin in ... Read More

Graeme McDowell US Open Winner’s Scoresheet on eBay

he USGA put the actual individual player score sheets from the manual scoreboards at the US Open on eBay last week but the tournament winner wasn’t getting much respect from bidders. The auction wraps up Monday and the sheets featuring the scores for winner Graeme McDowell stood at just $51 as of Sunday night.  The ... Read More

Playing in a Golf Scramble? You Need a Scramble Scoop

It is being called the first-ever “drive by golf ball retriever”.   The ScrambleScoop allows any golfer to easily scoop up  grounded golf balls while in a moving cart — without bending, leaning or stretching. Originally designed for use in golf scrambles or “best ball” games, the ScrambleScoop is proving popular for any golf outing. How ... Read More

Tiger Woods in New EA Sports Commercial

EA SPORTS is introducing its Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 game.  A new TV spot is just about to hit the airwaves and puts Tiger back in a less serious light. “Welcome to Team Golf,” opens with the U.S. Ryder Cup team storming onto the golf course to fireworks and the excitement of a boisterous ... Read More

Custom Designed Estate Golf Course

Golf construction company, Turf Solutions Group (TSG), released images of a private estate golf course they constructed on the property of a well known, recently-retired sports figure to demonstrate the potential available to clients with the means and the space to indulge their passion for golf. Jason Payne, TSG Managing Partner, explained, “We’d love to ... Read More

Record Price for Autographed Masters Photo

A 1949 autographed Masters photo has just set the record for highest price attained by a signed golf collectible according to Heritage Auctions. The 1949 picture that sold for $31,070 was essentially a “get well card” for Ben Hogan from the participants in the Masters that year. Two months earlier, Hogan got into an accident ... Read More

Signed Photo to Injured Ben Hogan a Piece of Golf History

A little piece of Masters history has emerged that serves as a reminder that no one player, no matter how great their skill or big their transgression, is greater than the collective history of the sport. A moving tribute to Ben Hogan, delivered to the legendary golfer on the eve of the 1949 Masters soon ... Read More

Tiger Woods Signature: Upper Deck Rolls Out New Items

Upper Deck Company, one of the few that stood behind the world’s most famous golfer, will offer a series of new Tiger Woods signature items as Woods returns from what UD is calling “a 144-day hiatus”…as a strange new Nike commercial featuring Tiger and his late father hits the air. To coincide with Tiger’s quest ... Read More

Off Course Challenges Could Be Toughest for Tiger Woods

He’s been one of the most famous athletes in the world for over a decade.  There’s no hiding if you’re Tiger Woods.  Until November of 2009, though, Tiger could still hide –at least a little–from those carrying cameras.  Off the golf course, he wasn’t considered that exciting. Married guy. Kids. Totally devoted to his sport. ... Read More

Tiger Woods: Player Reaction

Their chances of winning tournaments are better without him, but it’s clear the players on the PGA Tour would much rather have Tiger Woods in the field Thursday through Sunday. At this weekend’s tour stop, Tiger’s statement on Friday was a big topic of conversation.  Many have reached into their bags and pulled out the ... Read More

Old Tom Morris, Bobby Jones Autographs Part of Auction

The check that “Old Tom” Morris used to purchase the building and shop on Links Road in St. Andrews, the ancestral home of golf is part of a grouping of golf autographs up for bid in a sports memorabilia auction scheduled for April. The Mark Emerson collection includes every Hall of Fame golfer except “Young ... Read More

Mickelson Win Would Quiet Cheating Talk

This would be a Tiger moment.  Except Tiger’s not here.  While golf’s top player attempts to exorcise whatever carnal demons have overtaken his senses, Phil Mickelson is facing talk of cheating for doing some exorcising of his own. Lefty has taken a loophole in the rulebook and created a firestorm. The USGA’s ban on square ... Read More

AT&T Latest to Drop Tiger

AT&T said Happy Birthday to Tiger Woods by ending Woods’ endorsement deal.  The embattled golfer turned 34 on Wednesday, and is wrapping up a year he’d just as soon forget. Woods hasn’t been used much by the phone company in advertising, but its logo was on Woods’ golf bag, a multi-year deal signed earlier this ... Read More

Tiger Woods Updates: Taking Leave from PGA Tour

Latest Tiger Woods Update:  Tiger Woods says he is “taking an indefinite leave” from golf and for the first time mentioned the word “infidelity”.  In a post on his website, Woods said he would concentrate instead on being a “better husband, father and person”.  That would seem to mean wife Elin has not yet decided ... Read More

Tiger Woods Audio Released: He Now Admits “Transgressions”

This is apparently one bad tee shot Tiger Woods could not recover from. Moments ago, the world’s most famous golfer admitted he “has let his family down and regrets those “transgressions.” His statement comes on the heels of an explosive voicemail message allegedly left by Woods to a Los Angeles cocktail waitress who says she ... Read More

Tiger Woods Speaks; Double Bogeys Truth

It probably isn’t surprising to hear that Tiger Woods has no interest in meeting with the Florida State Patrol.  It probably isn’t surprising that he chose his own website to make a short, non-revealing statement about his mysterious 2:30 AM car crash on his website rather than speak to his fans through the media. When ... Read More

Golf Art Can Be Your Golf Collecting Focus

While some sports seem a little stagnant in terms of growth in the collectible market, golf continues to grow at a steady pace. The simple and quiet sport has motivated a lot of people to do just more than tee it up. Collecting golf memorabilia can range from antique clubs and balls to signed trading ... Read More

Golf Now an Olympic Sport

Golf will be an Olympic sport at the 2016 Games in Brazil. The International Olympic Committee voted 63-27 to give golf Olympic status, opening the door for players like Tiger Woods to compete for their country in something other than the Ryder Cup.  Rugby was also voted in. IOC president Jacques Rogge said: “Congratulations to ... Read More

When Babe Ruth, Bob Hope and and Bing Crosby Hit the Links

It’s a piece of Americana that appeals to golf memorabilia collectors, baseball collectors and those who collect entertainment items.  A golf scorecard from a star-studded foursome goes on the auction block next week. Babe Ruth, Bob Hope, Big Grosby and then-California governor Culbert Olson apparently got together in Sacramento to play for charity on March ... Read More

iPhone App Keeps Golf Fans in Touch with Tour

The PGA TOUR, through its partnership with Turner Sports, is bringing  the official PGA TOUR App for iPhone and iPod touch to fans at no cost.  The PGA TOUR App, released late last month, offers  PGATOUR.COM’s live video streaming and live scoring to  to iPhone and iPod touch users for each of the four PGA ... Read More

Yang Slays Tiger

It was new territory for Tiger Woods and maybe he didn’t know the protocol. After losing a lead on Sunday for the first time in 36 events, Tiger decided not stop and chat with CBS.  He’d lost the PGA Championship despite leading by four shots after the second round and by two coming into the ... Read More