Angel Cabrera an unlikely Masters champion..or is he?

So much for that theory of 'tuning up' for the Masters.

Wanna know how Angel Cabrera tuned up for the 2009 Masters?

By sucking.

Before Sunday, his PGA Tour scorecard this season read like a guy trying to keep his card--and failing.  He opened the year in Scottsdale by missing the cut.   He finished 13th at the Northern Trust Open.  Snared 33rd in the Accenture Match Play event.  Zoomed up to 32nd at the Honda Classic.  Missed the cut at Bay Hill and again last week in Houston.

Cabrera is the anti-Tiger.  He smokes. He's 6 feet tall and somewhere far north of 200 pounds.  His nickname, 'El Prato' means 'The Duck'.  Try writing commercials around that nickname, Nike.

But the biggest hunk of the 2009 Masters prize money is on its way to a bank in Argentina.  $1.35 million--or about $1.3 million more than he'd won in the first three months of the season.  It's why Angel Cabrera items suddenly popped up on eBay Sunday night.

We could understand if Kenny Perry had won and become the oldest champion ever.  Kenny's been on a bit of a roll the last year.  But when the game was on the line, the American fans'--er, patrons'--favorite hooked his way out of what may be his only chance at a green jacket.  Perry not only gave the Masters away, he put it in a gift box and wrote Cabrera's name on it.  Still, you've got to be in it to win it and Cabrera was busy grinding out his second major championship in less than three years.

He spends most of his time playing elsewhere.  Cabrera knows some English but prefers a translator.  He just sort of shows up at our major tournaments and duck-walks his way into contention.   It's beyond explanation.  Why can't a guy like that be a regular winner on the Tour?   Does he even want to, really?

I don't know, but I do know that if you bet on him to win the Masters prize money, you probably made off pretty well yourself.