Collecting Vintage Golf Trading Cards

Trading cards have long been one of the most popular collectible items, especially with sports collectors and golf enthusiasts. When these cards were initially released, they were shipped in packs or sets, with each set containing anywhere from 10 to 50 cards. At their time of release in decades past, golf cards were inexpensive and often amateur collectors eventually disposed of them, believing they would have no real value 50 years down the road. It's because of this that some of the older cards are hard to find and therefore demand a higher price. While many of these cards have not hit the high prices like their counterparts in baseball or hockey, vintage golf trading cards Bobby Jones Sport Kings 1933are still a hot collectible that are expected to increase in value in the coming years. Over the past 100 years, professional golf has amassed a very large fan following, which in turn has fueled demand for vintage golf trading cards.

If a golfer from 100 years ago were to travel in time to today, I'm sure they would be surprised to find just how popular golf has become. Because it is a sport that may be more accessible to a large group of people based on age and ability, golf participation has grown to heights not seen by more intensive sports like baseball or hockey. Just like baseball enthusiasts and fans eagerly collect vintage trading cards of their favorite teams and players, avid golfers have turned their love for the game into a collecting old golf trading cards. What I have always found interesting about collecting any vintage golf item is the skill that was displayed by players 50 or 75 years ago. While we have benefited from technology and advancements in equipment, older players used inferior equipment, yet excelled at the game, which showed their level of skill. A vintage trading card will often tell the whole truth regarding their skill on the course and the pre-World War II cards are a great snapshot into the game's colorful past.

Who can forget the golf greats like Bobby Jones, Sam Snead and Walter Hagen? Collecting vintage golf cards of such notable players is a great way to memorialize those who have since passed away, or commemorate retired golfers who made a lasting impact on the game. Whether you choose to collect vintage golf cards as a hobby or a more serious investment, one thing is true; Of all the different trading cards available, golf cards seem to receive the least press but might be the most interesting to collect.

1933 Goudey Sport Kings #38 Bobby Jones PSA 5 A3361
1933 Goudey Sport Kings #38  Bobby Jones   PSA 5 A3361 $1,600.00
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1933 Goudey Sport Kings #38 Bobby Jones PSA 2.5 (GOOD+) HOF Golf
1933 Goudey Sport Kings #38 Bobby Jones PSA 2.5 (GOOD+) HOF Golf $459.00
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1933 Sport Kings Gum #38 Bobby Jones PSA 1 MultiSport Card 2u3
1933 Sport Kings Gum #38 Bobby Jones PSA 1 MultiSport Card 2u3 $295.99
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