Finding the Right Autographed Golf Ball Display Case

While golf balls are small and covered in dimples, many collectors still insist on getting them signed. While they cannot be acquainted with an autographed basketball, football or even baseball simply because of size, their size or lack thereof gives collectors an advantage when storing signed balls. Taking up very little room, collectors have a wide variety of choices when it comes to shopping for an autographed golf ball display case to show them off.

Signed golf ball display holderObviously collectors want a huge display for their Jack Nicklaus or Phil Mickelson signed golf ball even though it is small but since most golfers are known as gracious signers at the links, collectors should have no problem racking up an array of signatures— including some of the lesser players.

One important thing to keep in mind is to identify each ball.  As time goes by it can be difficult to remember who signed some of them.  Not every player has the Display cabinet autographed baseballstype of high quality signature of a Nicklaus or Arnold Palmer or the identifiable scribble of Tiger Woods.  Noting who signed each ball and storing that information with the ball or elsewhere is smart.

If you're not looking to spend a lot of money, picking up a simple  Clear Plastic Golf Ball Square Holder Cube is a popular choice for storing your autographed golf balls. Made out of polystyrene, these two inch cubes are perfect low-cost solutions keeping balls safe. Individually, they go for under $5 bucks a pop but you can also buy them in quantity.

On the higher end, Perfect Cases offers a glass holder with a sturdy wooden base. This case is available  in three different colors at less than $30 on available on

Since golf balls are small, displaying many of them at once is an easy task and there are some very nice cabinet-type holders to hold your collection. Typically, these have a  wooden frame and either a cutout space or a small tee for each individual ball to sit on.

One piece of advice:  Buy one with a door. You'll want to make sure the autographs don't fade or get smudged and keeping them behind glass is the best way to do that.  As with any piece of sports memorabilia, keep your autographed golf ball display case out of direct sunlight.