Get Tickets to This Year’s Masters on eBay: How to Find a Deal

Looking to get to the Masters golf tournament at Augusta National this year? There are lots of ways to get there including buying tickets from a scalper, working with a ticket broker company, or answering a classified ad. But online auctions such as eBay may be your best bet for a variety of reasons.

Availability of Various Quantities

You can pretty much have your pick of tickets on eBay. There are generally several listings for various quantities of tickets and some sellers with large quantities will even sell tickets to you on a per person basis. This is especially convenient if you are looking for an odd number of tickets such as three or five. Many sellers will only auction tickets by the pair, but you can generally find some dealers that will offer an odd number.

Availability of Days

Because the Masters spans for several days, it might not be feasible to attend the entire tournament. Many guests may attend only a day or two and eBay again makes it convenient to buy tickets for specific days. With sellers offering a wide variety of tickets on different days, it’s easy to find the best option.

In addition, tickets are sold for practice days or for actual tournament days. The tickets for the tournament are in greater demand and thus, more expensive. Sellers on eBay offer tickets to both the practice session and the regular tournament. So even if it is too costly to attend the competitive rounds at Augusta National, you can still view your favorite golfers up close during practice play.

Price options

With hundreds of listings generally available at any given time, you can find tickets in a wide variety of price ranges. eBay also has a search system making it extremely convenient to use. A user can sort tickets by price going from lowest to highest or vice versa. Another nice feature about eBay is that a prospective buyer can search for tickets within a specific price range. So it’s easy to find all of the available listings within the amount of money you want to spend.


Because Masters tickets are expensive, the most important part of any purchase is buying from a reputable source. Potential buyers can view the feedback ratings of any seller from whom he or she is considering buying. Feedback ratings provide good information about a seller’s past history and buyers may want to avoid purchasing from sellers that have a history of bad transactions. Additionally, eBay takes steps to block certain sellers that have not provided good service to past buyers.

One of the best ways to find a deal on eBay is to wait on auctions. You can wait until the very end to place a bid as sometimes bidding early triggers a lot of interest and a lot of early bids. Another strategy to take is to contact sellers of items that do not sell. Many times a seller will relist an item if you express interest, and sometimes at a lower rate. A third way to find the best deal is to search for ‘Buy Now’ listings. Many of these listings may not only offer a fixed price, but some will have a ‘Best Offer’ option, where you can name your price.

eBay can be an easy and convenient way to purchase tickets to golf’s biggest event. You can shop for Masters tickets on eBay by clicking here to shop around.