Golf Auctions

Several online auction websites had some extraordinary golf auctions featuring a wide range of memorabilia sold on their sites over the past few months.

The Golf Auction ( recently had approximately 350 golf-related items sold in its Fall auction, which ended in November 2010. As always, there were several interesting pieces, but one thing that bidders had their eyes on were tournament-used flags from golf courses where Jack Nicklaus won several of his majors. A unique thing about these flags was that they were from the 18th hole on each course.

The flag that commanded the highest amount of money was the 18th hole flag from the 1980 U.S. Open, which was the tournament in which Nicklaus won his 16th major. The flag was also autographed by Nicklaus and sold for a whopping $11,350. Other Nicklaus flags available included the 18th hole flag from his 17th major win – the 1980 PGA Championship (sold for $4,372) and the 18th hole flag from his 14th major win – the 1975 PGA Championship (sold for $3,612). Several other flags from non-major tournaments in which Nicklaus won were also available for auction and sold for hundreds of dollars. All flags offered were signed by Nicklaus.

Green Jacket Auctions ( had more than 250 total golf lots available in their most recent online auction. Some of the highlights from the auction were several Tiger Woods tournament worn items including shirts, a hat, and a glove. All of the items were authenticated by Upper Deck and each item was also signed by Tiger.

The shirt bringing the most amount of money was a shirt in which he wore at the Australian Masters tournament, which he won. The shirt was the last tournament Woods has won and was used the tournament, which was only a short time before the now infamous car crash and ensuing fidelity issues. The shirt had a final price of $6,391, but was not sold as the reserve was not met. Another tournament-used shirt (the tournament was not specified, however) sold for $3,968.

Another unique item from the auction was an original 1970s green jacket from an Augusta Country Club member. Few of these jackets make it into the public for sale and this one sold for $16,182, making it the highest lot in the auction.

Not to be outdone is the site most familiar to collectors--eBay --which is fast becoming a premier place for elite collectibles, had an incredible item auctioned on its site in January. A truly rare golf-related item, Glotta, a small pamphlet poem by Stuart Arbuckle printed in 1721, is considered to be one of the earliest writings about golf. The item sold for an incredible $50,400.  eBay is the easiest venue to find golf-related memorabilia and you won't pay a buyer's premium like you would on other sites.