Golf Memorabilia Auction Digs into Ball Bag

I'm a sucker for vintage sports memorabilia and if you're into the history of the game, you'll drool over some of the stuff that Bonham's is offering this month.

The British auction house has over 300 lots of vintage and fairly modern golf collectibles up for bid.  There are all sorts of very old golf balls and clubs.  Some of the balls are still in unopened form.

They've also got a ton of stuff from the British Open dating back decades.  Programs, autographed golf flags, etc.  Ryder Cup memorabilia, Willis and Churchmans golf trading cards from the 1930s and before.

Golf memorabilia continues to grow.  It's not along the lines of baseball or even football memorabilia here in the States, but there are passionate golf collectors all over the world who chase items with the same fervor as their stick and ball collecting counterparts.

We still recommend shopping via eBay because you can find a lot of the same type of material if you're patient AND because I can't figure out exactly how much a British pound is in American currency's all a lot of fun to look at.