Golf Memorabilia Collectors Book

While most American sports memorabilia auction houses focus on the four major sports, you will occasionally find some golf items.  Nothing, though, like what you'll find in a couple of the European companies.  Most notably, Bonham's.  Based in Great Britain, they often have some exceptional golf memorabilia.

Bonham's golf specialist, Kevin McGimpsey, has written a very nice book that collectors might want to consider putting on their Christmas list.  Entitled, appropriately enough, "Golf Memorabilia", the book covers 10 chapters and is 220 pages long.

The book is just out--and should provide a valuable reference to collectors around the world.  There really is a shortage of good books on golf memorabilia and a thirst for information that often goes unquenched.  The best information, of course, comes from those who have a lot of knowledge and since he deals with it on a daily basis, McGimpsey is an authority.

There are no less than 360 photographs of golf antiques and collectibles in the book.  It's priced at about $50 US Dollars, which includes the author's signature and dedication as well as all postage costs.  For more information, you can go to