Golf Memorabilia: How to Display It

Collecting golf memorabilia can be fun and with the internet, fairly easy. There are several different ways to display various pieces of golf memorabilia.

Trading Cards

Cards are smaller items and while they may not make for the best displays, there are ways you can make them easy for viewing. The most common way to display cards is by using three-ring binders and nine-card plastic sheets. Binders are an easy way to display hundreds of cards at a time.


Framing photographs is obviously the best way to display them. A frame with a colorful mat can make for an excellent display. Framing with UV coated glass is best when possible – especially when dealing with autographed photos. If photographs are placed in inexpensive frames, signatures can fade over time due to light. If you have several photographs and framing is too expensive an option, they can also be kept in clear plastic sleeves in three-ring binders (assuming they are no larger than 8X10 in size), which allows them to be viewed like a photo album.

Golf Balls

There probably is no better way to display a collection of golf balls than in a hanging wood display case. These cases hang on the wall and depending on the size, can hold up to several dozen at a time. Some even have the tops of tees that are used to hold the balls, adding to the allure of the display. Fans can collect unused logo balls from different courses, balls used by golfers in tournaments, or even autographed golf balls. The display works just as well no matter what type you choose to display and the case looks perfect in an office or game room.

Tournament Used Clothing

Clothing used in tournaments is becoming more popular to collect. Shirts, hats, and gloves worn by golfers are a poplar collectible and with few options for displaying them, shadowboxes are quickly becoming the display of choice. Shadowboxes come in different sizes and can be perfect for golf shirts or even gloves or hats if the right size can be found. A shadowbox is hung on a wall and unlike a picture frame, leaves space in between the item and the glass. These are perfect for three dimensional items that aren’t flat.

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs used by players in tournaments are hard to come by. But a limited amount can be made available in auctions or from sports memorabilia dealers. If you’re fortunate enough to own a set of clubs used by a golfer, there aren’t many display options. But one of the best is a golf bag stand or organizer. This is a display that allows a bag of clubs to be stored and kept off the ground. You can even purchase one that has shelves for things like balls or gloves and these can be perfect for displaying an entire collection of tournament used items.

For a home or office, knowing how to display golf memorabilia is just as important as the purchase itself.  Click here to see golf display cases on