Golf Photos: A Collector’s Guide

Several different golf photographs are available to collectors. Here are a few things to consider:


Several different sizes of photographs are available. While there are virtually an unlimited number of sizes one can collect, there are a few standard sizes. The most common sizes of golf photos are 8X10, 11X14, or 16X20. These are the sizes you’re most likely to find when viewing online auctions or buying from a sports memorabilia or golf dealer. One of the main reasons for these standardized sizes is to allow the collector to easily frame the photos. Frames are readily available in these sizes and allow the photos to be displayed without the need for custom framing.

With the advancement in digital cameras, it’s also easy to take your own photographs and have them blown up to the desired size, assuming you’re close enough to the action. Several collectors have taken advantage of this option as photographs (especially officially licensed ones or larger versions) can be quite costly.


As discussed above, framing can be a significant expense. Standard size frames can be easily purchased from any number of retail or big box stores, but what do you do with that odd-shaped 13X20 photograph? Two main options exist.

First, if you have the funds you can take the item to a professional framing shop for custom matting and framing. This can be as expensive as it sounds, sometimes costing hundreds of dollars depending on the frame and glass used.

If custom framing isn’t an option a less expensive option is to take the photograph to a framing store and have a mat cut. You can have a mat cut to any size to fit a standard size frame. For example, for a 13X20 photograph, you could have a mat cut with an opening for your photo with the mat fitting an 18X24 frame. 18X24 frames are fairly common and you could purchase one at many different stores.

Autographed Photos

If autographs are your thing, the best item to use to obtain a signature is usually a Sharpie marker. Blue, black, gold, or silver are usually the most popular colors and usually your best bet when having a photograph signed. Pens can sometimes be used on non-glossy items, but they can be more difficult to see.

The best place to have your golf photographs signed in person is after a player’s round. The player is more relaxed then and many golfers will take their time to sign for fans. Practice rounds are also a good opportunity to have your item signed.

If you’re unable to get to a golf tournament, online sources such as memorabilia stores or eBay almost always have a wide variety of autographed golf items.

You can find hundreds of golf photos of all kinds on eBay for very reasonable prices.