Golf Wallpaper: Ideas for Your Space

Quick, what’s the first thing you think of when you hear the words ‘golf wallpaper?’ In this computer age, you probably are thinking of electronic wallpaper, as in the kind you use for a laptop or desktop computer background. But there is indeed golf wallpaper available for a special room in your house.

You may not be ready to wallpaper an entire room in your favorite golf theme, so if you want to start out slowly, a border might be the way to go. The border, which outlines an edge around the walls, doesn’t dominate the room as wallpaper might. It also allows you to paint the walls any color you want while maintaining a subtle golf theme throughout the room.

But if you’re ready to take that next step and wallpaper an entire room, you’ll find (maybe surprisingly) that several different colors and styles exist.

If you’re decorating an office, a quieter theme may be preferred. You can select a wallpaper that has very neutral colors such as a tan or pale green. You also might want something with smaller images – balls, tees, even clubs could work. These types of colors and themes will work in an office much better than a dominant green or a paper with large images might.

Decorating a kids’ bedroom? Here’s where you might want to take the opposite approach. Brighter colors will work in this instance and you can even use something with larger or cartoon type images.

Maybe you’re decorating a game room. Here, you pretty much have free reign on what to use and it really depends on the type of room. If you have a room with subtle decorations, then the office type of wallpaper as discussed above might be a good option. If it’s a true game room in every sense of the word, there’s nothing wrong with using the brighter colors and maybe more of a casual style of paper.

There are also other options available no matter what room you plan to decorate. Maybe you want a golf themed room, but don’t want a repeating pattern. A wall mural might be the perfect fit. You can purchase these in large blocks and a single image can cover an entire wall. This gives you a variety of options. A mural gives you a full-size decoration while giving you other blank walls to work with. You can use those walls to hang photographs, display items in cases or on wall shelves, or even simply paint them.

Whatever the use, whatever the room, there are plenty of viable wallpaper options for the typical golf fan. Click here to see what's available on eBay.