Graeme McDowell US Open Winner’s Scoresheet on eBay

he USGA put the actual individual player score sheets from the manual scoreboards at the US Open on eBay last week but the tournament winner wasn't getting much respect from bidders.

The auction wraps up Monday and the sheets featuring the scores for winner Graeme McDowell stood at just $51 as of Sunday night.  The auction is being conducted in support of the NCGA Foundation. This is the only opportunity for golf fans to own what I would agree is a unique piece of U.S. Open history.

You can bid on individual player score sheets for all U.S. Open competitors who begin first-round play, even those who miss the 36-hole cut. Score sheets will be validated by the USGA as an “official score sheet from the 110th U.S. Open.” Here's a link to the auctions.

Watson did something that had collectors cringing after his final putt on 18 Sunday.  He tossed the ball into the crowd.  Someone got a nice--and potentially valuable souvenir, although it may be hard to authenticate.  The person who picked it up would have to have a couple of witnesses sign a paper or have some videotape evidence. Unfortunately, the NBC cameras didn't show where the ball went--just Watson's heave.

McDowell's website was apparently getting so much traffic in the minutes after his win that it crashed.  Apparently, bandwidth wasn't an issue before Sunday.  CNBC business blogger Darren Rovell reported that someone bought on Sunday morning.  You'd think someone, somewhere associated with this guy might have thought having at least the domain...if not an actual website...was a good idea by Saturday night.