Mickelson Win Would Quiet Cheating Talk

This would be a Tiger moment.  Except Tiger's not here.  While golf's top player attempts to exorcise whatever carnal demons have overtaken his senses, Phil Mickelson is facing talk of cheating for doing some exorcising of his own.

Lefty has taken a loophole in the rulebook and created a firestorm.

The USGA's ban on square grooved clubs started January 1 but an old lawsuit grandfathered the Ping Eye 2 club in.  It's totally legal but some of Mickelson's fellow pros like Rocco Mediate and Scott McCarron say they're "appalled" and that packing the Ping is "against the spirit of the rule".

WWTD (what would Tiger do) if he were in Lefty's big shoes?

He'd stick the club back in the bag (or toss it in the ocean), fix the steely eyed glare and whip those also-rans by a dozen strokes come Sunday.   "You think I need square grooves to beat you?" he'd say to himself.  "I could beat you with a Persimmon driver and a bamboo shaft putter."

So with Tiger on the sidelines, here's Lefty's chance to take over the mantel.  Debate all day whether using the Ping Eye is the right thing to do.  Mickelson just proved himself a little smarter than a lot of the other guys who didn't realize they could use a club from the post-Reagan years.  Maybe he's just a smart aleck for using it.  I don't care.

But Mickelson has a chance to make a major three-word statement this weekend.

"Square Groove This".