Not Everyone a Tiger Woods Fan

It’s really amusing to read comments from European golf fans regarding the return of Tiger Woods.  A BBC report on the dramatic final hole birdie to win Sunday included reader comments at the bottom that ranged from bizarre to just plain humorous.

A sampling:

"I've said it before, I don't think Tiger is that exciting. All he needs to do is make the odd birdie, and his opponents fold like Phil Hellmuth. Not Tiger's fault, he knows how to take advantage of this, and grind out wins. This in itself is a great skill, but I would hardly say he was unmissable. Plus, I think people find the over the top adulation rather boring and somewhat nauseating."

"I think what's being reflected here is, dare I say it, a nagging sense of disappointment that pro golf is now returning to it's old Tiger-dominated state. We've had eight months of fantastically exciting golf, where the networks have actually shown OTHER golfers playing! Now we're back to the old predictable way of things. I just switch off when Tiger takes the lead, because it becomes so boringly inevitable. I have huge respect for Tiger, he is the greatest golfer of all time. But golf was becoming so much more fun to watch. And now it's over...."

"Very good he undoubtedly is but he's rarely jump out of your seat exciting. Last exciting thing I remember him doing was that chip-in from the back of 16 at Augusta. THAT was exciting although seeing him dunk it in water has a certain attraction."

"Can’t say i have ever bet on tiger.... in my eyes he's poor odds and never a cetainty. Still an amazing golfer just not for betting on."

Not every post was anti-Tiger; in fact, there were a number who were awed by Sunday’s latest dramatics.  But it’s sad, really, when one of the few players in golf history who can captivate casual fans with his incredible shot-making and competitive zeal can’t get more worldwide respect.  The Tour ‘more exciting’ without Tiger?  Uh…better check those TV ratings.  Any player with a victory during Tiger’s tour absence shouldn’t be required to give it back, but you’d have to be a fool to think that most fans won’t consider it worthy of an asterisk in the record book.  And if you don’t find Tiger exciting, then who in the name of Nicklaus IS exciting?