Off Course Challenges Could Be Toughest for Tiger Woods

He's been one of the most famous athletes in the world for over a decade.  There's no hiding if you're Tiger Woods. 

Until November of 2009, though, Tiger could still hide --at least a little--from those carrying cameras.  Off the golf course, he wasn't considered that exciting.

Married guy.


Totally devoted to his sport.

Workout freak.

If you're a tabloid media outlet...a or a member of the paparazzi...Tiger was not #1 on your list of must follow celebs.

He is now.

Tiger never faced much difficulty dealing with the sports media.  He rarely let anyone get too deep anyway. 

The 'other' media will be a different story.  They don't play by normal journalistic rules.  They show up in places you don't expect, nowhere near your workplace.  Looking to see what he's up to.

Ready to record it.

Tiger will likely have a security detail now.  Before he could slip in and out of a club with a couple of friends and not worry that much.  Those days are over. 

Unless he's ready to become a complete hermit, you'll see his picture pop up everywhere once he goes back on tour.  He'll be followed.  He'll be photographed.  He'll get tired of it.

Golf?  He can do that.  Shake the rust off and chase majors.  Practice.  Practice. Practice.

It's the other stuff that has the potential to beat him.