Scotty Cameron Putters Get Publicity Money Can’t Buy

Sometimes rejection can be a good thing.  Tiger Woods, who won 13 of his 14 major championships using a Scotty Cameron putter, suddenly ditched his old friend for the British Open.  The result was a disaster.

He didn't practice much with his Nike prototype and and the results were about what you might expect, especially considering where he stands as a whole right now.

Woods went back to the Cameron putter before the weekend was out and even made a couple of nice putts early Sunday with it, but the damage was done.  Tiger is now winless in his last seven majors but it's pretty clear that it ain't the putter's fault.

The news that Tiger was going back to his Cameron made headlines all over the world as reporters and columnists looked to explain his continued lack of major championship success.  Why would he switch?  More money?  Just a gut feeling?  Tired of the same thing and looking for something new (that type of thinking turned out to be a BIG mistake late last year)?

Who knows.

We do know that Cameron's company comes out of this:  1) looking like a hero and 2) the recipient of a huge does of free publicity.

Cameron's clubs are hugely popular and so are his designer head covers.  In fact, the British Open models that pay homage to Scotland are selling like hotcakes, with the few that have made their way to eBay selling like hotcakes.

Overall, there are 2600+ Cameron items on eBay and after the Tiger talk this week, they're going fast.