This May Be Your Only Chance at a Hole-in-One

A company in Arkansas has a website that allows users to create a fake newspaper article and become a hole-in-one-hitting "golf whisperer".


The site allows users to generate a spoof newspaper clipping showcasing themselves, or a person of their choice, as the lucky golfer of a 487-yard Hole-In-One on Cooper’s, world class, Stonehaven Golf Course. 


The player types in their name and email address--or that of a friend--then a "newspaper article," including photo, is generated in PDF format to the user’s specifications.  The fake article looks like a newspaper page or newsletter featuring the custom named Hole-in-One “Golf Whisperer.”  Most people have a little fun by forwarding it to family or golfing friends. 


“At first glance it really seems authentic,” states E. Deaton of Bentonville, AR. 

The site is