Tiger Slam Clubs Sell for $57,242

The controversial set of irons said to be used by Tiger Woods during his "Tiger Slam" in 2000 and 2001, have sold at auction.

Green Jacket Auctions' listing closed Saturday night with a winning bid of $57,242.  The price includes the company's buyer's premium.

Longtime Titlest Vice President Steve Mata caused quite a big stir earlier this year when he decided to sell the set of irons given to him by  Woods when he showed up to give a replacement set of clubs to Tiger in 2001.

The surprise gift was well-known in the golfing community but after losing his job with Titleist, Mata decided to sell them.  However, at a press conference during the 2010 PLAYERS Championship, Woods caused controversy when he admitted that while the golf clubs may be his, they were not used during the Tiger Slam.  The eBay auction was cancelled by the company after those comments, but Mata was undeterred.

Green Jacket Auctions was enlisted  to provide the necessary provenance to establish that these clubs are not only tournament-used Tiger Woods golf clubs--and the first tourney-used Tiger sticks ever to be sold--but are the actual golf clubs that Tiger used during the 2000-2001 Tiger Slam and given by Tiger to Steve Mata.

So...Green Jacket and Mata offered this as proof while placing the clubs back on the auction block.

  • Affidavit of Steve Mata sworn under oath and penalty of perjury attesting to authenticity of Tiger Slam clubs;
  • Polygraph results of Steve Mata establishing that these golf clubs were actually used by Tiger Woods during the Tiger Slam;
  • · September 16, 2000 GolfWeek article by James Achenbach detailing Tiger's clubs from 2000 PGA Championship, which match the Tiger Slam Clubs in this auction;
  • Comments by PGA Tour player Greg Kraft to Golf Digest about his knowledge of and authenticity of the Tiger Slam Clubs.

The set consists of every iron that was in Tiger's bag at some point during 2000 to 2001, according to Mata and Green Jacket. There is a 2-Iron through Pitching Wedge, as well as two custom, hand-stamped Vokey Wedges - a total of eleven clubs in all.

The initial minimum bid was $250,000 on eBay, but the $57,242 price did meet the Green Jacket reserve so the clubs will presumably be heading to a new home.

Also sold in the auction was Doug Ford's 1957 Masters jacket.  It actually brought more money than Tiger's supposed iron set, selling for $62, 967.  Green jackets have rarely been offered on the open market.

The Ryder Cup trophy presented to former PGA president Will Mann went for $13,702.  A 207 Tiger Woods signed tournament-used shirt from the 2007 PGA (when he won his 13th major) brought $12,457.