Tiger Woods’ 2008 US Open Shirts for Sale

One of Tiger Woods' top sponsors, the Upper Deck Company, is offering three of his golf shirts from last year's U.S. Open win.

It's the latest piece in the "athlete worn" genre that has attracted collectors looking for something a little more unique than your average trading card.

The company had Woods in for an autograph session recently, in which Tiger put his name and notation on the front of each shirt in black magic marker.  No word on whether they've been washed.

Woods has been an Upper Deck client since 2000, autographing a variety of memorabilia which is eventually sold at the UpperDeckStore.com.

The shirts are priced at...get this...$30-50,000 each.  It's a boatload of cash, but autographed, game-worn jerseys from the likes of Michael Jordan, LeBron James and other superstars can fetch $20-30,000.  Regular Woods autographs on Upper Deck's line of flags, photos and the like, are usually much less pricey.

Here's video from Upper Deck's shirt-signing session with Tiger, who got into contention for the epic battle with Rocco Mediate while wearing the shirts in June of 2008.