Tiger Woods in New EA Sports Commercial

EA SPORTS is introducing its Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 game.  A new TV spot is just about to hit the airwaves and puts Tiger back in a less serious light.

“Welcome to Team Golf,” opens with the U.S. Ryder Cup team storming onto the golf course to fireworks and the excitement of a boisterous crowd as the European team taunts the U.S. players and their eagle mascot.

Here's the premise: After each team tees off, the U.S. team huddles together and listens to advice from their captain, played by former NFL coach Mike Ditka. The spot cuts to Tiger Woods who sinks a critical putt to secure the win for the U.S. team as the crowd erupts, a marching band begins to play and jets fly overhead. The spot concludes with gameplay footage from Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 and a voice over reminding viewers that this year’s game offers, “golf like you’ve never played.”

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 goes on sale Tuesday, June 8. You can buy it here.