Tiger Woods Speaks; Double Bogeys Truth

It probably isn't surprising to hear that Tiger Woods has no interest in meeting with the Florida State Patrol.  It probably isn't surprising that he chose his own website to make a short, non-revealing statement about his mysterious 2:30 AM car crash on his website rather than speak to his fans through the media.

When it comes to being in the public eye, Tiger does what he has to do.  No more.

The fiery competitor stuff is fine, but we like our athletes when they're willing to share a little of themselves--in good times and bad.  What Tiger fails to realize is that the less he speaks, the more the public demands answers.  The less you talk, the more people want you to. This whole thing isn't going to go away forever, no matter how much Tiger thinks it will by labeling it a "private matter".  Is there a Tiger Woods mistress?  There have been denials from a woman in question, but nothing from Tiger other than a protestation against "false, unfounded and malicious rumors".  If there's nothing to hide, then, why is he hiding?

You could make the argument that no one is entitled to answers about why the tabloids have been full of rumors about Woods.  It's personal.  Something between a married couple.   Or, you could take the slightly more enlightened view that unlike most married guys, Woods makes millions of dollars each month because people pay to watch him play golf live and on TV.  They pay to buy the products he endorses.  They pay for his autograph through his exclusive arrangement with Upper Deck Company.  They chase his memorabilia on eBay.  They buy his video games.  They pay to hear him speak and give clinics.  it's part of the reason why he doesn't want to reveal too much.  There's too much at stake.  Yet you can't take the rewards of being a pro athlete and refuse to deal with the other, less financially rewarding stuff that goes along with it.

Apparently, his agents and handlers-- the very people he's consulting with about how to react in the wake of the intense scrutiny after he ko'd a fire hydrant and gave a neighbor's tree an uppercut-- don't seem to get it.  By refusing to divulge more details about the wreck, he's hurting his public image.   If Tiger and his wife were fighting, he should admit it.  Hey, it happens.  Usually at weird hours.  We all do stupid things...and at least he's sort of admitted that.  If it was just a case of poor driving, admit that too.   But say enough to answer at least some of the questions.  Because if you don't, at some point people don't know what to believe.

And then they'll find someone else they can believe in.