Toughest Masters Champion Autographs

What’s the toughest golf autograph to obtain for your Masters champion collection?  Tiger Woods?  Jack Nicklaus?  Arnold Palmer? Nope.  Try Claude Harmon and Craig Wood.  Those two are  the toughest Masters champions to obtain. Why? Well that’s a long story.

Craig Wood won the U.S. Open and Masters in 1941 but he soon realized he could make more money doing private lessons for families instead of playing golf in the 1930s and 1940s.

Craig Wood

Craig Wood

Wood passed away in 1968, before collecting golf autographs was popular and before autograph signings.  A Craig Wood autograph is very scarce to find.  Cut signatures sell for $500+ and a golf ball would easily bring 4k + in auction.   These cut signatures of the Masters Champion are hard to obtain because there are not many left in circulation. This may be one of the hardest golf memorabilia and collectibles to obtain and could really be an incredible addition to your collection.

Claude Harmon was another famous golfer who took a similar approach and won the Masters in 1948. But Harmon began his golfing career early as well at only 15 years old. He also realized being an instructor for rich families paid better than remaining on tour. He passed away in 1989 as the last ever club professional to win a major.   Harmon is now in the World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame.

Claude Harmon Harmon’s  autographs are very rare and can sell for big money. A cut signature normally sells for about $1,000 and an authenticated golf ball has never been auctioned, but would likely bring at least $5,000 at a major sports memorabilia auction.  Claude was one of the best instructors at the game, so an autographed golf ball could really take your sports collectibles over the top. He was a teaching pro not a touring pro so he did not get noticed like the other big golfers did therefore he did not sign many autographs which makes it hard to obtain just like that of Craig Wood.  You can see books, photos and other Harmon-related memorabilia on eBay here.

These two great golfers may not have done it the traditional way but are definitely two  autographs you want to get your hands on. During their careers they were beaten out by players who made now famous  shots at the right time.  Wood had a drama filled career because he was always there in the end but just one shot short of winning with his long drives.   Claude Harmon was hired as Craig Wood’s assistant in the 1940’s as they were great friends. Eventually,  Harmon’s son Butch became the instructor of Tiger Woods.  Golf often goes full circle!

Serious players and fans know that Claude Harmon and Craig Wood will always be remembered for their impact on the game of golf.  There is now a country club in Lake Placid named after Craig Wood.

Claude Harmon and Craig Wood autographed golf balls would be something you definitely want to get your hands on as these are extremely rare. You would definitely want to jump on this opportunity if it presented itself.

Masters champions from the early days of the tournament, including those signed by Bobby Jones, are also very desirable.  Click here to see Masters champion autographs on eBay.