U.S. Open Scorecards Become Golf Collectors Items

Ever check the bid leaderboard outside the clubhouse? No matter if it's a major PGA Tour event or your club championship, you can see scores posted hole-by-hole, round-by-round when volunteers get out their magic markers and posterboard.

At this year's U.S. Open, they became golf memorabilia. The individual player sheets and round-by-round leaderboards were sold in a fundraising auction for the Metropolitan Golf Association Foundation and the Long Island Caddie Scholarship Fund.

Two of the scorecard strips sold for over $1000. The line chronicling champion Lucas Glover's tournament brought $2510. Tiger Woods' scoresheets sold for $1125, while the numbers for Phil Mickelson brought $550. For those seeking something unique, it was sort of a bargain. Many of the cards for players familiar to golf fans were purchased for $150 or less and some didn't sell at all. The auction sort of flew under the radar, with only CNBC's blog giving it much attention.

Here are the U.S. Open scoreboard auction results.