When Babe Ruth, Bob Hope and and Bing Crosby Hit the Links

It’s a piece of Americana that appeals to golf memorabilia collectors, baseball collectors and those who collect entertainment items.  A golf scorecard from a star-studded foursome goes on the auction block next week.

Babe Ruth, Bob Hope, Big Grosby and then-California governor Culbert Olson apparently got together in Sacramento to play for charity on March 1, 1942.  Charles Robertson, a member of the Sacramento Municipal Golf Course, followed them   that day and secured autographs of all four on the scorecard. The autographs are signed in pencil   that was kept by Robertson and then his heirs the past 67 years.

“My grandfather was an avid golfer, but we didn’t know he still had this autographed scorecard until we were going through his possessions after he passed away in 1993 at the age of 72.  It was a surprise to find it,” said Steve Hansen of Sacramento, who consigned the scorecard on behalf of his family.    “The match play tournament scorecard only goes through the 16th hole.  Hope and Crosby apparently had won at that point, and left to catch a flight to attend a charity dinner elsewhere that evening,” explained Hansen, who said he inherited his enjoyment of golf from his grandfather and father.

The auction concludes October 1.